Sorry- This Garden is Now Closed

Have You Ever Seen The Rain….

Ah, it’s Saturday and time for a lay in… well that was plan A.

The overnight rain put pay to that one.

At at 7.30 am, I received a text from one of my gardeners telling me that a flood warning had been issued on Bin Brook. Around 9.00 am I received a phone call from the same gardener, saying that Bin Brook had burst it’s banks and large parts of the garden were under water. But more worrying was this picture he sent me….

Time to call back up.

Three of us went to assess the situation. The water level was only a couple of inches below the entrance of the hives…. more help was needed. So while waiting for the Bee experts to arrive we decided to check out the rest of the garden…

Status Quo – Rain

The Backs…

Back to the Bees…

After awhile the Bee people arrived, and the only way we could safely, save the Bee’s was to raise the height of the hives. Which was not going to be easy as they were becoming more active and also, this would have to be done standing in approximately two feet of water. The one-thing that was on our side, we had noticed that the water level was beginning to slowly go down.

Three went in to lift the hives and place extra height under the them, two done the lifting whilst the other placed the in the extra supports. While me and another gardener stood at the edge of the flood water slipping on our Nike running shoes, just in-case… well you can’t be too careful.


With the flood water receding and a drier weather forecast for the next couple of days, it will give us time to re-assess the situation.

Who’ll Stop The Rain.

No Bee’s were harmed in the making of this blog- but one gardener did receive three stings… the Bee’s obviously did not appreciate what we were trying to do for them.

Having the floods in our gardens wasn’t all bad news, there was something that did put a big smile on my face… but unfortunately- I can’t tell you 😉

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Philip M Ward
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 00:48:19

    I thought I had problems, minor to the devastation water has wreaked on your wonderful gardens.. You have a fight on your hands, but I feel sure you will overcome. Your love for those gardens shows and will aid you to restore to its former glory


  2. pauline
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 08:16:33

    Well done all of you….fantastic write up and photos Den 🙂


  3. Sparkle and Pop
    Jul 15, 2012 @ 14:37:24

    It sounds like it has been a horribly dreary summer on your side of the world. Keep us posted on the bees!


  4. Helen
    Jul 17, 2012 @ 23:12:02

    I hope you and the bees have since dried out? After reading this I will stop complaining about the odd drop of rain we’ve been having.


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