Spring 2012

After a long wait and several threats of me doing a rain-dance, the rain came about a month ago, and it hasn’t stopped since! But as we all know, we need it!

Bin Brook

What would be more helpful, is if mother nature could spread the rain more evenly throughout the year, instead of dumping it on us all in one go.

So in between the showers this week, I have been busy  with my camera (for work purposes of course). Because compared to the last couple of springs, the garden has a more lush, live feel about the place. But now we have had all this rain, let’s have some sun, so we can really start to enjoy our gardens.

Wisteria sinensis

Berberis darwinii

Syringa meyeri ‘Palibin’

Prunus avium ‘Plena’

Exochorda x macrantha ‘The Bride’

Staphylea colchica

Lamium galeobdolon ‘Variegatum’

One of my office’s

Bloody Wallflowers!

And the lawns are looking greener as well…..

Wordless Wednesday

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